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APS BibTeX style for Springer journals

American Physical Society (APS) BibTeX reference style for Springer journals LaTeX template

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This package provides Chicago BibTeX reference style (spr-chicago.bst) for Springer journals. There are also included few example files (.tex, .bib, .pdf) showing how to use BibTeX style file and how it would look like.


The following files are given in the repository (or directly in .zip archive):



Default citation style is author-year (i.e. nameyear option). But there is also a possibility to choose other citation style. You can select it by writing an entry @settings to the .bib file. That entry should have a field - options, with a value of citation style.

Available options:

Example 1: Choosing a number citation style.

    options = "number"

Example 2: Choosing an alphanumerical citation style and not sorting references.

    options = "alpha,unsort"

label can be any word, but all references labels have to be unique!

Important: you need to write \nocite{label} in your .tex file, otherwise @settings will not become effective (unless you use \nocite{*}, which will make a list of all the references appearing in .bib file(s)).

Example 3: Turning on @settings via .tex file.

  @settings{some_label, ....}


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