International Press journal ICCM Notices author support

TeX related material for the manuscript preparation for the International Press journal Notices of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (ICCM Notices)

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International Press journal ICCM Notices author support

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Author support service provides LaTeX style files and *.tex file templates designed for International Press journal Notices of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (ICCM Notices) articles.

Package content

The following files are given in the repository (or directly in *.zip archive):

  • iccmpdfwf.cls - LaTeX style files designed for International Press ICCM Notices journal articles. Please do not change them. These files are already loaded in the respective template files;
  • iccm-template.tex - topmatter template (should be used for article preparation);
  • iccm-sample.tex - journal sample article;
  • iccm-sample.pdf - journal sample article (PDF file);


  • Clone the repository or download the *.zip archive. Rename the package to <your-project-name>.
  • Install iccmpdfwf.cls in your TeX system (suggested directory: ipart).
  • Use the file amsa-template.tex to start your article as a template.
  • Use the file amsa-sample.tex as a reference for how to prepare a topmatter of your article.

Use iccm-template.tex as a template.


In case Chinese symbols are used in the manuscript:

  • fontspec.sty package should be used:
  • Fandol (or some other) fonts for Chinese typesetting should be installed in TeX system and used in the following way:
      \def\textzh#1{\bgroup\textzhfamily #1\egroup}
  • luatex engine should be used to produce PDF file.

iccmpdfwf.cls file loads flushend.sty and stfloats.sty from sttools package. Please make sure that your TeX system has the latest version of this package.

Document class options

For bibliography references output and citations a natbib package is loaded by default with the following options:


It provides numbered citations.

In case author-year citation is required, provide the authoryear option:


All natbib package options can be provided in this way.

In case some other bibliography package is used which is not compatible with natbib package, one can disable the latter with the option nonatbib:


LaTeX document preamble content

The preamble of your LaTeX document should look like this:




       \protect\thanks{Footnote to the title with the `thankstext' command.}}

\author{by First Author}%
\thanks{Department, University of the First Author, Country
        \hfill\break E-mail:},
\author{Second Author}%
\thanks{Department, University of the Second Author, Country
        \hfill\break E-mail:},
\author{Third Author}%
\thanks{Department, University of the Third Author, Country
        \hfill\break E-mail:}

\runauthor{F. Author et al.}



Your publication content



Submit one single file as a ZIP archive. Pack your root folder <your-project-name> with files and subfolders.

Bug reports

Please submit bug report or feature requests at github page.